Professionally Cleaned Carpet

How does keeping professionally cleaned carpets become a challenge

Professionally cleaned carpets are difficult to maintain. Following a professional carpet cleaning, follow these guidelines for maintaining a clean carpet:-

When walking on professionally cleaned carpets, be patient

A wet carpet is never safe to walk on. Whether you have cleaned a spill or had your carpet professionally cleaned, allow your carpets to completely dry.

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on professionally cleaned carpets

It turns out that walking barefoot on a professionally cleaned carpet isn’t such a good idea after all. As a result, the natural oils in your skin may leave an oily residue on your clothes. Leaving an oily residue on your carpet may make it look dirty and attract dirt. If you prefer not to go barefoot, wear socks or slippers that you would not normally wear outdoors.

Professionally Cleaned Carpet

On professionally cleaned carpets, clean spills and stains immediately

Stains and spills should always be cleaned immediately. In general, the longer a spill remains on carpeting, the harder it is to clean.

Blotting the professionally cleaned carpet 

Instead of wiping stains or spills, blot them. By blotting, the spill is absorbed, while rubbing causes the spill to penetrate the carpet fibers. The first thing you should do is wash the spill with water. Take a cloth or paper towel to dry the spill. Carpet spot cleaners or stain removers may also be helpful. Angie’s List recommends that you avoid using harsh chemicals and, if water does not work, try dish detergent. If this does not work, you should contact your professional carpet cleaning provider.

Professionally Cleaned Carpet

Maintain a regular vacuum schedule

When does your carpet look like it needs vacuuming? Regularly vacuuming carpets after a professional carpet cleaning will help them stay clean longer, whether you think they need it or not. Vacuuming removes dirt and dust you might not notice. Vacuuming regularly also helps remove pollutants that are carried around the house.


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